About Us


Springboard Centre assists adults with developmental disabilities to achieve meaning in their lives.


Springboard Centre is committed to serving as a model to and partner with the community for the integration and acceptance of people with disabilities.


1.We believe in the promotion and facilitation of an individual’s abilty and right to make choices and decisions.  

2. We believe in providing programs within a consistent, accepting, congenial and stimulating environment.  

3. We believe that we must be sensitive to the needs of individuals and address these needs with respect and dignity.  

4. We believe in providing an appropriate environment in which individuals can feel comfortable learning new skills.  

5. We adehere to a professional code of ethics to ensure that we deliver the best possible service while respecting the rights of individuals.  

6. We believe in facilitating the professional educational process, and provide placement and supervision of students in the field.  

7. We believe in promoting community education and public awareness.  

8. We believe in adherence to Core Standards as outlined by the Persons with Developmental Disabilities.


Board of Directors


Donna Crawford

Bill Blair    

Carol Allan        

Nathan Graham    

Martin Hoornaert    

Christopher Rappel    

George Roberts    

Roxy Schmidt    

Ken Taub    

Gord Hoffman- Honorary board member

Kathryn Melrose - CEO